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Baby Handling (EN)

Baby Handling (EN)

Best ways to support healthy development


Baby Handling is a fun, practical and informative course for parents and care-givers to learn everyday handling skills while also supporting healthy baby development.

Through this course you’ll see life through the eyes of your child and the unfolding development across its first year of life. You’ll learn about early developmental milestones and the why behind the handling techniques offered. You’ll also gain insight into the links between development topics and presentations (or behaviours) that can appear in our later school or adult years. 

It’s also a course that is designed to support you, the parents and caregivers!

Touch is often considered the first language in life. And as a newborn we are picked up, set down, moved, held and carried multiple times a day (and night!). This touch helps to form our understanding of who and where we are in the early months of life.   By knowing and using handling touch in a specific way we can support the unfolding sensory-motor blueprint of development as well as foster the bonding connection between parent and child. Join us on this developmental journey together.

You can learn more about the background and the people behinds this course on the Developmental Concept Website.

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    Baby Handling (EN)
    Best ways to support healthy development
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